Classic Cars

American Dream Tour - Classic Car Collection

The Classic Car Collection features beautifully restored antique convertible cars from the mid 1900s.

See our Classic Car Collection in person by Booking a Tour or let us know and you can see our cars at the National Hotel on 16th and Collins in Miami Beach.



We love our 1960 Buick Electra with its smooth lines and comfy leather interior!

The Buick Electra was Buick's top model in 1960. It was built for both speed and comfort.

Did you see that Deuce and a Quarter?

This was Electra's nickname because the car itself is 225 inches long, hence the name of the 225 Series designation it was given.

You can see the Electra 225 badge circled on the deck lid. The Electra convertible is powered by a 401cc V-8 engine with 325HP!





1959 Edsel Corsair!





1959 Ford Skyliner Hardtop with Retractable Roof!

The Ford Skyliner (Retractable) is a two-door, full-size car with a retractable hardtop. Our 1959 Ford Skyliner is Turquoise and White with a matching interior. Beautiful wide whitewalls, shiny wheel covers and exhaust deflectors.