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Get Convertible Classic Car for Photo Shoots

Looking to Rent Antique Vehicles for Photoshoots & Prop Use?

Then look no further than American Dream Tour to rent the best vintage convertible cars in Miami! Our antique vehicles can be rented for fashion photography, motion pictures, commercials, and television shows. We can answer any of your demand for photo quality classic cars to use on photshoots. Rent classic convertible cars that are sure to impress!


Need to rent a beautifully restored classic convertible car for a photo shoot? Contact us to get information on available classic cars in the Miami area.


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Rent Classic Convertible Car

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                   Flexible Car Rental

                                Classic Car Rental for:

  • ​Fashion
  • Photo shoots
  • Personal Photography
  • Commercial
  • ​TV production
  • Soap Operas
  • Movies
  • Anything requiring an antique convertible car..



Classic Car Rentals



Classic Convertible Cars for Movies, Photo Shoots, Commercials

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