Night Tours of Miami Beach and Wynwood


Book Night Tours for a Limited Time!

American Dream Tour Miami is offering one and two hour night tours for a limited time.

Enjoy Miami's gorgeous sunset as you cruise in a roomy Antique Convertible Car. Discover Miami Beach and get to see the unique pastel colored neon lights from the Art Deco buildings. Watch and appreciate the sunset reflecting off the ocean as the cooler air breezes by seeing breathtaking views of the City!

Tour guests also have the opportunity of choosing to cruise the trendy Wynwood Miami area by night, discovering the "WALLS" painted by Wild World graphic designers.

Night Tours of Wynwood and Miami Beach

Book a one hour car tour of Miami Beach (see the 1 hour classic car tour for details) at night, touring through the Art Deco District.

Add more fun by booking a two hour tour of Miami Beach and Wynwood (see the 2 hour classic car tour for details) sightseeing the Design District and Wynwood, a creative eye-catching and outgoing place perfect to tour in convertible, with colorful walls and artist’s designs.